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I am a seasoned marketer, having held many roles in my career to date – Brand Manager, Business Development Manager, Marketing Advisor and Marketing Manager. I began my career in sales which developed my understanding of people’s motivations and what drives them in their decision making process. I now use that experience, combined with my education and current marketing knowledge to build desirable brands and develop impactful marketing campaigns. As a result of my background I have the unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and navigate complex challenges. However, actual experience has taught me that my professional value comes down to the following:

– I have worked with, and learned how some of the most recognisable brands in the European and global markets have been built.

– Having lived across the globe, worked in FMCG, B2C and B2B, I have become highly adaptable to new roles and situations.

– I have big ideas.

– But lots of people of have big ideas. Execution is what matters, and I execute.

– A proven ability to contribute to the bottom line either by generating revenue streams or through tight budget control.

– I challenge conventional wisdom, and believe the impossible is within reach.

– I am a confident communicator and public speaker.

I love making new professional acquaintances, so reach out if you want to connect and talk.

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