Video: In Conversation With Denis Ravizza; Starting Esmod And Brand Building As An Emerging Designer

Denis Ravizza started his professional career with a degree in art direction & graphic design. In 1989, he was rated by world-renowned American head hunter Rita-Sue Siegel among the top 1% graphic designers in the US. His design and art direction works for numerous record labels in France, England and the US, led him to become consultant for various fashion brands including Jean-Paul Gaultier, Yves Saint-Laurent, Versace and Kansai Yamamoto, among others. In 1988 Ravizza was appointed as the ‘key keeper’ of the graphic identity of Esprit’s collections. In 2004, Ravizza landed in Dubai in view of sharing his lifetime passion and expertise in art direction, fashion and design with aspiring fashion designers by founding ESMOD Dubai The French Fashion Institute with Tamara Hostal. Ravizza and Hostal have also co-founded the Pôlette Concept Store at City Walk in Dubai to operate as a retail space for emerging designers and ESMOD Dubai graduates for designing, manufacturing, retailing, branding and marketing their collections.